Healthy food, what’s that? Is it uncooked celery placed beside a hot, sweat inducing, dip of broth? Who would want to eat that?

This is how I sometimes approach the topic of eating healthy, and maybe you do too.

The word healthy is often synonymous with habits that require too much effort, or food that tastes like what you get when you mix cardboard with sandpaper. However, this is just a misconception, which we need to start relooking. Doing so helps us learn how to enjoy healthy food – because, hey, it’s what we’re supposed to be eating.

But if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking nothing healthy can ever taste as great as a bucket of fries dipped in barbecue sauce, and served as a side dish to a rack of ribs. But we’re both wrong. To show you just how wrong we are about healthy food and taste, here are 10 Instagram accounts that will make you fall in love with eating healthy.

1 thedelicious

The first thing you notice about @thedelicious is the absence of bodies, except for the profile picture of a woman wearing red lipstick eating a huge, raw piece of broccoli (which somehow doesn't make sense) and the man running up the stairs. But elsewhere you’re exposed to only food, and a lot of it. From salmon served on fresh produce to a bowl actually made from watermelon and topped off with fruits such as strawberries, you’ll get hungry just trying to figure out the ingredients. And guess what, they’re all healthy.

2 ameliafreer

You can’t go too wrong by doing some Instagram shopping on (popular cookbook author) Amelia Freer’s Instagram account. But that is if you’ve already eaten, because you won’t get too hungry. And even if you have had a heavy lunch her Instagram account will sauté your taste buds with delectable dishes such as salmon skewers sandwiched together with fresh aubergine and courgettes, dipped in lime juice and more.

Excuse me while I disappear to the fridge and feel an intense amount of loathing for the buckets of ice-cream in there.

3 _squeakyclean

For Katie (the young exceptional foodie of @_squeakyclean) food is art. More specifically brunch is art. Her Instagram account gives all an idea of how one of the most important meals of the day can be served. Being someone who doesn’t have an appetite in the morning, Katie’s long list of dishes, including feta falafel with fattoush, avocado and labne, are basically what I need when the energy is running low and the taste buds are dying for relief.

Excuse me while I go ask my boss for an early break.

4 careynotcarrie

One of our biggest problems with our diets is how we don’t experience them holistically. No, we’re not talking about eating every single nutrient on earth, but the environments and perspectives we have while eating food. That’s where @careynotcarrie steps in to show you some of the most delicious, wholesome meals such as a strawberry-rhubarb pie, while provoking your urge to travel as she takes snaps of her adventures.

Can anyone say wholesome holiday retreat?

5 straightforward_nutrition


Purple days...

A photo posted by Linn Thorstensson Dip NT CFSP (@straightforward_nutrition) on

Sorry, I passed out from hunger. And then woke up to @straightforward_nutrition where I found myself wondering what I am doing drinking plain orange juice when I could be having whatever purple juice with berries she’s having. The only disappointing thing with this Instagram account is that there rarely are any recipes mentioned. However, much of the ingredients are clear cut and available at any grocery store, and somewhat easy to prepare.

6 SproutedKitchen


Like candy but not really. Chocolate Hazelnut Chewies on the blog. 📷@hugh_forte

A photo posted by Sara Forte (@sproutedkitchen) on

What is this sorcery? Chocolate? Who is going to believe eating chocolate is healthy?

Me. I'm going to believe its healthy. 

7 thecrunchyradish


summer salads in full effect! sugar snap peas, radish, fennel, spring garlic, with a mint labneh dressing. recipe inspired by @food52.

A photo posted by Miranda Hammer Shear MS RD CDN (@thecrunchyradish) on

If we could make salads look and probably taste as good as this, we wouldn't even be talking about what Instagram accounts you should follow. 

8 mynewroots

This is probably where you will find a wide variety of dishes calling your name. 

9 besmarteatsmart​


Beetroot, feta cheese, caramelized onions, rocket & pine nuts - sounds like a good combination 👌🏻 @raisintheroofcafe

A photo posted by Be smart. Eat smart. (@besmarteatsmart) on

If you hate veggies like beetroot, this account will make you think twice about the veggies you have been avoiding. 

10 ohsheglows

It's all about wholesome eating with this account, and the ingredients are clearly displayed so you know what to get when you hit up the grocery store. 

Now that you see just how beautiful eating healthy can be, isn’t it time for you to gave up that rack of ribs? Probably not. It’s not about throwing away junk food and switching to an all-out healthy eating regimen, but maintaining a balance. What these Instagram accounts have taught me is that eating healthy can be easier than and probably as enjoyable as eating fatty fries. And if you’re like me, you’re probably going to try everything. So stay inspired, enjoy your food and keep a lot healthy stuff in the diet too.