Hot dogs are the unofficial food of Independence Day. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, a whopping 150 million hot dogs are consumed during the Fourth of July alone. But while hot dogs aren’t exactly considered a healthy food, there are ways to add nutritional benefits to dissipate any hot dog-indulging remorse.

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In addition to opting for a turkey, chicken, veggie or an all-natural, organic, nitrate- and nitrite-free dog, try these tips for making your holiday dog a little more dietary-friendly—whether you’re a vegan, going Paleo or are a self-proclaimed health nut. Sriracha guacamole dogs, seitan hot dogs and zucchini-marinara dogs are just a few of the deliciously healthy “hot dog” recipes LivingHealthy has sourced out for your holiday enjoyment (fireworks not included)!