Nail technicians with fertility issues. Hair stylists with autoimmune diseases. Actresses starting multi-million-dollar personal care companies—just so they can be sure that the products they use on their babies don’t contain toxic chemicals or compounds. Evidence that our efforts to look our best may be damaging our health is everywhere, but turning over a new leaf is easier said than done. All the information is overwhelming.

Who knows what’s really safe, and what isn’t?

Enter this easy-to-follow 21-day challenge from better nutrition, which will help you make your routine as healthy as possible. It’s packed with information, including products and ingredients to avoid, natural recipes to replace toxic steps in your beauty ritual, and formulas to seek out.

Here are some surprising tips: Avoid any SPF above 50 (chemicals); skip nail polish altogether if you’re pregnant; and switch permanent brown hair dye for a temporary or henna-based formulation. What do you think of this challenge? Is it worth trying?



better nutrition: 21-Day Beauty Challenge