Your job has you visiting more airports than an Air Marshal during an imminent threat alert and lately avoiding the Cinnabon stand at MIA’s Terminal H is getting harder than ever. You can only hold out so long. So what’s a busy traveler to do when hunger pangs threaten to end your fast food boycott? Why snack of course! But we don’t mean breaking out a Lunchables or Snack Pack. 

Keeping energized with a semblance of a healthy diet intact is the goal. And these 8 snacks are how you are going to get there when in transit: 

Ocho Rios Sweet Plantain Chips

One of the best things about being in South Florida is access to a wealth of good South American treats imported to satiate immigrants who miss home. Ocho Rios Sweet Plantain Chips come directly from Colombia and as the bag says  they’re “Extra Crunchy.” The good news is that these delectably sweet chips are all natural, with no added sugar or salt.

They are 100 percent sweet plantain chips and palm oil. They don’t have nearly the nutritional value of, say, an actual banana or plantain, but they’re easier to travel with and best of all – “Extra Crunchy.”

I Heart Keenwah – Chocolate Sea Salt. 

Love the phonetic spelling of this close to perfect snack made of all natural quinoa cluster. In case you missed it, quinoa was honored by no less than the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United National (FAO) when it declared 2013 to be the “The International Year of the Quinoa.”

That’s all fine and well, but high nutritional value notwithstanding, we think travel time is the right time to please your palate with a sweet and salty mix that comes from the Chocolate Sea Salt flavor. (Note: you’ll probably have to order these online as not available much in South Florida.)

Zesty Nacho Kale Chips from Trader Joe’s

South Florida finally got its first Trader Joe’s late last year and the market chain with a cult-like following is already a hit. Probably because of products like the Zesty Nacho Kale Chips, which are actually dried kale leaves mixed with a spattering of cashews, sunflower seeds and a bunch of natural powders and peppers.

Though people in the terminal may look twice to see what those leafy things you are eating are, your body will thank you as the kale chips pack a punch with calcium, iron, potassium, and protein. 

Koku Seaweed Organic Rice Cakes from Lundberg

These aren’t your mom’s rice cakes – you know the ones ranked just below cardboard on the all-time flavor list. No, we’re talking instead about seaweed flavor with just the right amount of wasabi flavor. The taste is there which makes up for what is mostly avoid when it comes to health value.

Still, these snacks do the job when it comes to quelling your belly grumbling. It’s also gluten-free and non-GMO; perfect for hardcore vegans. Eat them on the way to the lavatory and leave a trail of crumbs so that you know where your seat is.  They do tend to make a mess. 

Dry Roasted Edamame

Another of the foods-du-jour, edamame, which are soybeans still in the pod,  make for some good travel snacking and have recently been dressed up to taste pretty good as well. The dry roasting with a touch of salt makes for a simple snack but with plenty of nutritional content, including high protein, low carbs, good for the heard and rich in isoflavones (see what those are here!)

Going Nuts

Maybe the best and easiest snack to pack ahead of any trip is a bag of nuts. Whether they’re almonds, cashews, pistachios or good ole peanuts, try and avoid the salted and roasted versions which, although they may taste better, have less nutritional value. All of them contain a good amount of protein. But careful, the zinc in almonds might have you hankering to join the mile-high club as it is a well-documented libido booster. 

Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims from Trader Joe’s

Let’s not kid ourselves, pretzels have never been the healthiest option in the snack aisle. Overall though, they’re pretty harmless as far as foodstuffs go. So when you pour some dark chocolate – which does have some nutritional value including being rich in anti-oxidants (good for blood flow) – over them you get another sweet and salty treat that you can feel good about swallowing. Fair warning: consume with wet naps nearby as you will get chocolate on your hands, luggage and anything else you touch.

Trail Mix (your own recipe)

Sure, any of the store-bought trail mix should do the trick to tame hunger (make sure, however, to read the label to make sure you are not getting something disguising itself as trail mix but which is really mass produced nonsense – and we’re talking to you Frito Lay’s Cheetos Mix-Ups snack mixes!).

The point is to pack health along with taste. The good news is you already have the ingredients list in this article. Simply grab a handful of each of the nine other items and dump it in a plastic baggie and voila, you’re set.