Sex and fitness make for common bedfellows. Getting good at one, usually makes you better at the other. How else do you explain a shared usage of so many verbs: thrusting, pumping, lunging, flexing, and squatting (we could go on but things would get a bit risqué).    
But while a healthy and active sex life does benefit your overall fitness levels (at least if you’re doing it right!), the correlation between the two is strongest when optimal fitness leads to improved sexual performance. Put plainly: the better shape you are in, the better you are likely to perform in the sack (and, let’s be honest, the more chances you will have to display your sexual potency as you become more attractive to the opposite sex). 

Keep that in mind next time you map out your exercise routine and for optimum performance in the bedroom make sure to incorporate these exercises:

Weight Lifting 

Lifting weights in general increases testosterone, which as you should know is the number one precursor to a healthy sex drive. While specific exercises to certain muscle groups may improve your technique, the physical act of taxing your muscles gets your body in the mood for sex.

And don’t worry ladies; lifting weights isn’t all of a sudden going to sprout you a mustache, as experts say levels of testosterone in women are too low to suffer negative consequences. They will, however, enjoy the positive side of increased muscle growth and stamina. So lift away folks.  


Many men know Kegels as that funny sounding exercise pregnant women practice to aid in childbirth. But they are so much more than that. Ever since Dr. Arnold Kegel identified the importance of exercising the pubococcygeus  (PC) muscles in the 1940s the benefits of this exercise have been aiding in the pleasure of both sexes. 

Kegels are performed by contracting, flexing and releasing the muscles that stretch from your anus to your urinary sphincter. While that doesn’t sound all that sexy, it actually is ground zero of good sex. Women with well developed pelvic muscles have been found to have stronger and more frequent orgasms while the benefits for men include lasting longer during coitus. 

One of the best parts of Kegel exercises is that you can do them practically anywhere and at any time of the day, and no one will be the wiser. We recommend doing them three times a day (morning, noon and night) with 3 sets of Kegels. You can do them in a car, elevator or sitting at your desk while you work. Now get flexing for a better sex life. 


Pumping iron is important to get your testosterone flowing for better sex, but getting your heart rate racing on that treadmill, running outside or in spinning class is even more important as it improves blood flow throughout the body. And getting blood to the right parts, for men and woman, is crucial to enjoyment and performance during sex.

For men, in particular, keeping the blood flowing to the extremities (and you know what we’re talking about) is paramount to sexual performance and lasting longer. We won’t beat around the bush, not enough blood to the penis and things will go limp fast. Don’t believe us, just ask the American Heart Association. 

Sex-pack abs

For men-loving women and narcissistic dudes, a good set of six-pack abs will go a long way to getting your partner in bed, but the benefits are much more than aesthetic. Male and female abdominals are put to the test during intense sex and as such you better make sure they are ready for the long haul.

While there are plenty of popular abdominal workouts to try, reliable sit-ups and crunches will do the trick. Four sets of 20 will prime you for some good lovin’.


One of the more recent fitness crazes to become part of our sexercise landscape, kettlebells provide a wide range of benefits for sexual function, including testosterone building and cardiovascular improvement. Another important aspect involves increased flexibility, in specific to the lower back and hips, and you know how crucial they are for a sexual dynamo.

Like with any functional exercise – those which mimic every day (or night, in this case) movements – kettlebells make your core stronger. And that makes for a stallion in the sack!