Like with any relationship, your time with a trainer has its ups and downs. There’s the honeymoon period: when everything that comes out of his or her mouth and body is gold and you seem to get in better shape by just thinking about your trainer. The midlife crisis phase – when you both start wondering if the grass is greener on the other side – and, finally, the break-up when you decide to go your separate ways.

Before shedding a tear,  realize that even the best experiences with a trainer are bound to end at some point (at least in most cases). The good news is you don’t have start World War III over your possessions to see who gets what.

Even though parting ways is natural, we tend to get attached to our trainers and often hold on too long. How do you know when it’s time to let go? If you see any of the following seven signs, it’s time to give your boot camp trainer the boot!

He or she is crushing on you

This might be a relationship, but you don’t necessarily want it to turn into THAT kind of relationship. Hookups with your trainer are as common as sweat in a gym. Still, if you are serious about getting in shape you probably want to avoid bedroom burpies. If you see your trainer start to get a twinkle in his or her eye – and it has nothing to do with your physical improvement -- it’s time to cut him off at the pass, before he makes that awkward pass you know is coming.
The same goes for crushes you develop on your trainer, but somehow we think you’ll have a harder time with that break up. 

You can’t move after your session

It’s a trainers job to push you hard and virtually demand that you bust your ass finishing a set or with a last repetition. But there’s a difference between pushing and putting you in physical danger. Pay close attention to how they respond to your verbal cues, including words, grunts and shrieks. If he or she ignores them, they are not taking into account your limitations and could get you hurt.  

You’re in better shape than they are

Not everyone practices what they preach, and there is something to be said for knowing how to coach, teach or train, without necessarily doing it yourself – have you seen the guts on some of those NFL coaches! Still, it’s hard to get motivated to do another lunge or squat when the closest the person barking at you will come to a six-pack is downing half a dozen Coronas.

You’ve stopped seeing results

You’ve plateaued and your trainer is not coming back with any new routines or information. While it’s natural for your physical fitness to go into different phases, that’s a signal for your trainer to spice things up and have you try something to get your reinvigorated and back to seeing results. 
You’re bored
Instead of looking forward to the next exercise or challenge you find yourself wondering what’s on television later at night. You also realize that you are listening and watching other people workout instead of focusing on your own routine. Face it your bored and when that’s the case, you’ve got to find someone to get you back into your own workout. 
Your trainer is bored
When you catch your trainer looking at his watch or checking out other action at the gym it’s time to check them out. Part of what a makes a trainer good at his job is the ability to focus on what you are doing. If they can’t even do that, it’s time to get out. 
Your trainer doesn’t know what he or she is talking about!
This isn’t so much of a sign as it is reality check.  Sure, they’re supposed to be experts, but if a doctor can be guilty of malpractice so too can a fitness trainer. In case you hadn’t noticed, gyms are populated by a fair amount of meatheads, and some of them are trainers. Whenever you figure out that they don’t know what they are talking about, make for the exit and quick.