Are you a beauty addict?
Does the idea of leaving the house without a full face of makeup and a blowout send shivers down your spine? 
Step away from the vanity mirror! While you might think you’re creating the most beautiful version of yourself for the world to see, you might be doing longterm damage to your skin and hair with all that product buildup and heat styling.
We challenge you to a one-day beauty detox. We’re talking one day (one teeny tiny day) without makeup or heat styling. Do you think you can handle it?


Swap your usual foundation, concealer and translucent powder routine for a luxurious moisturizing routine, and give your skin a chance to breathe.

Start your day with a steamy shower and wash your face with an electronic or manual facial brush for an extra deep clean. Follow with an exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells, leaving a super soft, moisturized palate. Out of the shower, apply a serum and eye cream. We love Caudalie’s Vinosourse SOS Thirst Quenching Serum and DERMAdoctor’s Wrinkle Revenge Rescue & Protect Eye Balm. Spot treat any problem areas, such as acne, redness or discoloration, and finally add a luxurious moisturizing cream. Crème de La Mer’s Ultrarich Cream is a classic (and indulgent) option or try Perricone MD’s Intensive Moisture Therapy.

And then, you’re done. No, seriously. Done. Do not add makeup.


Instead of a blowout, give your mane a break. Repair the damage and restore moisture and shine with an all-day hair mask.
Wash your hair and moisturize with your favorite deep conditioner. Once out of the shower, towel dry your hair and step away from the heat styling tools.

We repeat, step away from the heat styling tools. Apply a leave-in hair mask to your tresses, focusing on the ends. We like Kerastase’s Nutritive Masquintense. Style your hair into a French braid or a slick chignon. And voila!
Now, if you can implement this one-day beauty detox once a week, your hair and skin will thank you for many months and years to come.