A wise aesthetician once said, if your skincare routine is too complicated, you won’t stick with it. 
Sure, every time we leave the spa or open a magazine, we’re presented with yet another product recommendation or skincare regimen. A new serum, a different moisturizer, a facemask, an exfoliating brush. While your skin’s needs certainly change over time precipitating the need to change up your routine, it’s important to find a simple one that works for you.

Yes, you need more than just soap and water to beautify, but exactly how many expensive, precious tubes and bottles are accumulating on your vanity?

The Basics

Cleanser - This is where it all starts, a mild cleanser that addresses your skin’s particular needs. Wash your face day and night.
Moisturizer - Every skin type needs to be moisturized. Work a moisturizer into your routine post-cleansing. Make sure it contains SPF.
Exfoliater - Work exfoliation into your routine one to three times per week. After cleansing, apply an exfoliating scrub over your face in circular motions to slough off dead skin cells for a deep clean.

The Add-Ons

Eye Cream - For ladies in their late 20s and early 30s, it’s time to work an eye cream into your daily routine to combat the first signs of aging. 
Night Cream - You may wish to switch up your nighttime moisturizer to something richer and more powerful than what you’re using for day. Add in a restorative night cream.
Serum - A serum is a great way to work a little extra nutrients, moisture and clarity into your complexion. Apply post-cleansing and pre-moisturizing.

The Extravagances

Masks - For a spa experience at home, add a mask every week or two. Whether it’s mud-based, collagen rich, or something you create at home, you can address a variety of skin concerns.
Treatments - If you have other areas of concern: redness, discoloration, deep creases, etc., there’s a potion or tonic out there for even more targeted results.

Depending on how much pampering you can tolerate, work these products in or out of your routine to tailor the perfect beauty regimen for you.