What better time of year to get your beauty routine in line than at the start of a New Year. As a Miami girl, you already know that wearing SPF whenever you leave the house is crucial, but what resolutions do you need to work on? 

1. Don’t go to bed with makeup on. You’ve probably heard this advice since you were a little girl, even before you were old enough to wear makeup. Yet, how well do you follow this golden rule of skincare advice? There’s a lot of late nights, events and parties to partake in during season. Make a resolution to ALWAYS wash your face and remove your makeup no matter how tired you are or how many drinks you’ve had.

2. Start using eye cream. If you haven’t worked this product into your beauty routine yet, then make 2014 your year. The sensitive skin around your eyes is the first to show signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Protect your youthful appearance by applying an eye cream day and night.  We like Perricone MD’s Cold Plasma Eye cream. By the time 2015 rolls around, you won’t look a year older!

3. Visit a spa for a facial and get expert advice on personalized skin care regime. It’s easy to read about how products claim to benefit your skin, but how do you know what truly works for you? Splurge on a facial at a top spa and get personalized advice and product recommendations from an expert who’s worked with your skin up close and personal. We love the aestheticians at Exhale Mind Body Spa at the Epic Hotel downtown and their commitment to natural, yet luxurious products. It’s worth every penny.

4. Perfect the new blowout. The latest trend in blowouts isn't pinned straight tresses or perfectly symmetrical waves. It’s a more carefree look with waves taking on their own personality. Think, more natural and less polished. We saw the look on countless spring runway shows and we’re eager to see it on you in 2014.

5. Wear BB Cream. If you haven’t given BB Creams a try yet, now’s the time. If you haven’t heard of BB Creams yet, what rock have you been hiding under? These fab all-in-one products pack a punch of tinted moisture, along with other healthy skin benefits, like antioxidants, oil control and anti-aging properties. Forget caking on your foundation or layering on a ton of products. BB Creams give you coverage and a fresh-faced look without all the fuss.
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