Take a look inside your makeup bag. That eye shadow—there. Be honest. You’ve had it since high school, haven’t you? While it may feel like only yesterday since you graduated, let’s face it, it’s been 10 years, and that eye shadow has reached its expiration mark. A long time ago.

For this offense, and the many other, er, less offensive ones, take the New Year as the perfect time to purge your makeup bag of old, icky, way-past-its-due-date items. 

First of all, you may not realize it, but many of your products actually have expiration dates on them. Look for the symbol of a jar with an open lid. Inside you’ll see a number and corresponding letter, like 24M or 6M. That represents the number of months that your product is good for once opened. Occasionally, you’ll also see the letter “Y,” which represents year.

Here’s a quick guide on when to toss your makeup. Get that trashcan ready!

Eye Shadow (24M)- So, that eye shadow from high school? Yeah, it expired about eight years ago. While eye shadow lasts longer than a lot of your cosmetics, after two years, say sayonara!

Lipstick (12-24M)- Lipstick and lipglosses can last 12 to 24 months. If the lipstick becomes dry or a gloss becomes sticky, toss it!

Mascara (2-3M)- Mascara has a pretty short shelf life of two to three months. Eyeliner will get you by a little longer with six months. You’ll know it’s time to go when it starts getting clumpy and doesn’t do the job that it once did. If it starts to smell funky, then you know it’s time to toss it! 

Foundation (6-12M)- Foundation lasts six to twelve months. If it starts to separate or lightens in color, toss it! 
Lotion- Lotion will last you up to two years. But if it changes color or gets a weird smell—say it with me: toss it!