Yes, the green movement has crept between the sheets.

From reducing your personal toxin exposure to finding more earth-friendly shopping choices, making your bedroom (and the activities in it…) “greener” has never been easier. To help you with your search for sexy sustainable substitutes, here’s a breakdown of the best buys to look for:


Taking the time to find a more natural, chemical-free condom makes a lot of sense based on the amount of up-close-and-personal-contact the product has with both partners’ anatomies. Enter Sustain Condoms a newly launched, Fair Trade-certified line of natural rubber prophylactics created by one of the founders of Seventh Generation. 


Traditional lubricants can be chock-full of petroleum-based ingredients, parabens, and antibacterial agents that can actually strip away healthy vaginal bacteria, making women more prone to certain types of infections. That’s why it’s safer to seek out organic, water-based formulations. Check out Yes from the U.K. for a range of non-scented tubes and to-go packets, or Sliquid Organics for gels infused with soothing botanicals like green tea and aloe vera.


Phthalates, those pesky chemicals that help make plastics soft and flexible, have been linked to a host of health problems ranging from cancer to birth defects. A new study presented at last year’s American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting shows a connection between exposure and lowered libidos in women. (No fair!) So, for ladies that prefer a little help in the bedroom, it doubly pays to find a toy that doesn’t contain these compounds. JimmyJayne and the Good Vibrations Ecorotic Green Sex Toy Collection have both buzz-worthy picks.

Massage Candles

Skip the synthetic fragrances, petroleum-based blends, and lead-cored wicks, and scoop up a natural soy candle, whose melted wax can double-duty as a massage oil. Scandle’s aromatherapy-inspired range even offers shimmery formulas, while BsaB houses their meltable candles in bone china containers that cast mood-setting, heart-shaped shadows on the wall. 


Foam or not, some conventional, petroleum-based mattresses can emit different types of respiratory irritants known as VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). They also may be treated with potentially toxic flame-retardants. But there are a slew of more natural options now on the market that utilize natural latex, untreated wool, and organic cotton. Keetsa Mattresses  touts a proprietary Bio-Foam that doesn’t off-gas, and Spindle Natural Latex Mattresses are made out of blends of natural and organic materials.


Did you know that cotton farming uses almost one-quarter of the world’s pesticide outputs? Reduce your exposure to potential toxins (and save the planet from some wear and tear) by seeking out organic cotton bedding. Sateen sheets can be especially silky and sexy. Check out Coyuchi for sets in a variety of calming colors. 


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