Before you hit the pills, make these lifestyle changes.

These days testosterone replacement therapy is over-prescribed for low libido and erectile dysfunction, but there are natural ways to boost testosterone. Carrot--this method makes you healthier, reducing your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Stick--It’s called a healthy lifestyle: exercise, weight loss (especially around the middle), and regular good-quality sleep. 

“Track what you eat, cut sugar and starch, and replace them with protein-rich foods and healthy-fat foods, and switch out any drinks with calories for ice tea or citrus water,” suggests John La Puma, MD, a board-certified internist, director of ChefMD, and author of Refuel: A 24-day eating plan to shed fat, pump up testosterone, and boosts strength and stamina.  And slim down, advises La Puma. “In one study, when subjects lost 17 pounds, one pound at a time, it raised testosterone levels by 15%.” 

Other tips from La Puma: 

Eat oysters, if you are zinc deficient 

Eat fatty fish like wild-caught Pacific salmon for its vitamin D3

Eat healthier fats like avocado, olive oil, and nuts 

Eat cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli and collard greens, lightly cooked, to blunt the effects of estradiol (a form of estrogen) 

Do interval training, which boosts testosterone more efficiently than any other type of exercise

Watch your exposure to testosterone-reducing plastics and sperm-corrupting chemicals such as BPA

Get seven or eight hours of sleep a night