Learning about the medical options for treating high cholesterol only to hear about the ghastly side effects leads us to wonder what’s better: The high cholesterol or the memory loss, liver damage and fatigue that ‘might’ occur? That’s exactly the dilemma many with high cholesterol face when given the option of taking statin drugs. But, as ‘Better Nutrition’ points out, there are several natural cholesterol-lowering alternatives. Better yet, these remedies are noticeably lacking any side-effect disclaimers. 

Here is the list:

  1. Bergamot extract
  2. Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  3. Plant Sterols and Stanols (found in foods and supplements)
  4. Fibers
  5. Red Yeast Rice
  6. Policosanol
  7. Guggul (sap of a myrrh tree)
  8. Pantesin (a patented form of vitamin Bs)
  9. Sytrinol (derived from citrus and palm fruit)

Though we admit this is the first we’ve heard of some of these remedies (guggul or red yeast rice, anyone?), we suggest asking a physician if they are feasible solutions. Have you heard of or tried any of the natural remedies listed below?



Better Nutrition: 9 Natural Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol