The more you sleep, the better your sex life will be, according to a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Seventy-one female college students were monitored for two weeks. They each completed initial questionnaires regarding sexual distress, depression and anxiety, then another set of questions every day for the next two weeks about sexual function and the prior night's sleep quality (such as the total length of time and how long they took to snooze).

The results showed that the longer the women slept, the higher their sexual drive and the more likely they were to engage in sexual activity the next day. They also experienced greater lubrication during sex than those who slept less. The researchers controlled for age, sexual distress, happiness or sadness levels, fatigue and menstruation.

“Getting more sleep should not be expected to magically fix all sexual problems,” said lead author David A. Kalmbach, a postdoctoral resident at the University of Michigan. “Sexual problems often have multiple contributing factors, including mood, relationship quality, partner availability and, now we know, sleep health. I think it is important for women and health care professionals to be mindful of the relationship between sleep and sexual response.”

Regardless of how much you're sex you're having (or not having), you should clock more hours of sleepa good night's sleep has many other benefits, including everything from reducing risk of injury and pain minimization to weight control and stronger immunity. If anything, improving your sex life will just be another plus.



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