Most of us are familiar with the breakfast menu meant to be hung on the door handle at a fancy hotel. But the newest hotel menu doesn’t offer breakfast items—but rather, pillows (from firm to soft and everything in between). Capitalizing on overtired Americans' obsession with sleep and how to get some, upscale chains such as Peninsula, Starwood and JW Marriott are offering such perks as soporific aromatherapy oils, handmade mattresses, and specialized lighting that encourages the body’s natural circadian rhythms. One New York establishment, the Benjamin, offers a real, live sleep consultant and a late-night menu designed to relax the body’s digestive system. All this, of course, comes at a price. But for those of us not destined for five-star travel anytime soon, these sleep hacks are easy to implement at home. Treat yourself to a new pillow, put a lavender essential oil diffuser by your bedside, or invest in a white-noise machine to give yourself a five-star sleep experience, no travel required. What do you do to get the most restful sleep at home? Share your secrets in the comments.