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With Restorsea, I finally found moisturizer(s) I love. Since my skin is easily irritated, I always look for soothing and hydrating products–many moisturizers have too many active ingredients for me. I was first introduced to Restorsea about 3 years ago, from a friend who was using it and had the smoothest skin I’d ever seen. Now I’m hooked. 

How to Choose Yours:
The experts agree that a moisturizer should moisturize, without a lot of added active ingredients (which you can get in serums instead). Humphrey says that all her patients could use a little more moisturizer than they currently use” “It can make skin look more radiant by smoothing it out immediately. If you just use moisturizer all the time and stay out of the sun, your skin will look way better than if you didn’t.” She adds that there’s not a big difference between expensive and inexpensive moisturizers and recommend CeraVe and Cetaphil at the less expensive end, and La Roche-Posay Toleriane and SkinCeuticals, which are a bit pricier. She also recommends SkinMedica Dermal Repair for dehydrated skin, which I’ve used and really love as well.

Alexiades says the marine extracts in Restorsea and La Mer are associated with being soothing, and recommends sea algaes to deliver that benefit. She says to make sure your moisturizer does not have petrolatum or oils so you won’t end up with acne. She’s not a fan of face oils for that reason as well and says only a certain percentage of the population can tolerate them—“kudos to them,” she says. On the other hand, Wagner is a big fan of face oils and says to look for rose hip oil, pomegranate oil and event primrose oil that she says won’t break out skin.