Many women trying to conceive are advised to monitor their basal body temperatures—the lowest reading that occurs during deep rest—in order to determine the precise day of ovulation. You know ovulation has occurred if you can observe a basal body-temperature increase of at least 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s four to five days before this shift when intercourse is most likely to lead to pregnancy.

Many women who commit to daily temperature readings complain about the nuisance of having to remember to reach for the thermometer first thing in the morning, logging daily stats, inaccurate readings and obsessive fixation on the data. A new gadget called the Yono aims to make the process much more accurate and less stressful. It’s a soft, in-ear thermometer that monitors the body’s temperature all night long, then logs the data and transmits it to a mobile app which conducts the analysis. It’s on Kickstarter now and will be available for purchase in October.

Do you have experience with fertility planning using a basal thermometer? Would you try this new gadget? Sound off in the comments.



ABC News: Yono Labs’ In-Ear Thermometer May Help Women Overcome Fertility Problem