This is new: A productivity expert touts ‘doing nothing’ as the ideal motivator of productivity. Huh? David Allen, author of ‘Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity,’ claims that a good test of how well you accomplish the items on your to-do list can be gauged by ‘how well you can do nothing.’ Of course, this doesn’t mean we can sit idly in the name of productivity. Rather, we have to earn the right to do so, says Allen. This means first taking care of the nagging tasks on your list by following Allen’s five-step process. Once that’s accomplished, reward yourself with your favorite ‘nothing’ activity, such as napping or meditating. Take a page from Allen’s book by deciding what your reward will be after checking off those nagging tasks today. What’s your favorite way ‘to do nothing’? Tell us in the comments!