It turns out that the solution to reducing anxiety, stress and depression might be a walk in the park—literally. Particularly for city dwellers, more studies are starting to emerge linking nature to having a beneficial psychological and neurological impact. For instance, one study found that urban residents who stroll through natural environments had lower levels of stress hormones compared to those who stayed indoors. Another study found that after walking 90 minutes through a tree-lined park, participants had less blood flow to their subgenual prefrontal cortex (the part of the brain where bad or depressing thoughts occur) compared to those who spent those 90 minutes near a highway. So the next time you’re feeling a downshift in your mood, why not take a walk in a park? For all you city dwellers, do you notice a difference when you're surrounded by greenery? Tell us in the comments!


The New York Times: How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain