Recent research has made the genetic component of addiction undeniable. Actress and model Amber Valletta says her family's affliction had her searching for a buzz before she even finished grammar school, but takes full responsibility for the addictions she developed: to alcohol, marijuana and ultimately cocaine. Now 15 years sober, she's dedicated to sharing her story in the hopes of inspiring others to seek help.

"I'm coming out to you today," Valletta told an audience for MindBodyGreen. "I coming out to you today as an addict.” Valetta’s shared her story for a piece called "How I Live with Addiction Every Day: Amber Valletta”

“My hope is that someone, somewhere in this room, out of this room will hear something that will help them and perhaps get them out of the shadows and the darkness of addiction and bring them into the light,"

Valetta revealed that she had been an addict since she was 8-years-old and started smoking marijuana when she was 10. The model and actress admits her addiction was genetic and she was predisposed to it as a child. And after she had signed a multi-million dollar modeling contract, she came to her first shoot high and intoxicated.

Valetta’s reasoning for opening up is that she hopes she will find the help she needs to overcome her addiction. If you have battled addiction, what did you do to beat it?



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