From the yet-another-way-to-make-moms-feel-guilty-about-things-they-can’t-change department, a new study has found that a child’s risk of ADHD rises with each week of premature birth. It also saw a connection between low- or high- birth weight and attention disorder, finding that babies who were under- or over-nourished in the womb were more likely to develop it. The research findings present a hard choice for doctors: Should babies be kept in the womb as long as possible regardless of how well they’re growing or should they be delivered early, with their nutrition and growth closely monitored? Each case, of course, is wholly individual, but experts say moms-to-be should take care not to smoke or drink, watch their rate of weight gain, protect themselves from infections and reduce stress as much as possible. Have you noticed an anecdotal connection between ADHD, premature birth and size? Share your experiences in the comments.