You may be surprised.  She eats a lot!


Not all models starve themselves, and certainly not the highest-paid supermodel in the world, Gisele Bundchen. The 34-year-old, who rakes in about $47 million a year according to Forbes, keeps her body fueled for success with a super-clean and wholesome diet.

“Gisele is very good to her body and smart when it comes to her diet,” says Pilates teacher Nonna Gleyzer, who has been training the Brazilian beauty since 2012. And smart doesn’t translate to starvation: “She eats a lot. I’ve never seen anyone eat more than her!”

Although Gisele may consume a lot, Gleyzer maintains that her diet is impeccable. “She is very health-conscious and understands her body’s needs and wants. Everything she eats is the highest quality: wild fish, raw dairy products, nothing pasteurized, whole grains, organic fruit and veggies, eggs and lots of greens.”

“She loves avocado,” Gleyzer adds. “I have seen her cut up an entire avocado and slather it on a slice of 7-grain bread. She’s not afraid of fats or good carbohydrates.”

Another staple in Gisele’s diet according to the Pilates pro is quinoa, which she will eat with wild salmon slathered with grape or sesame seed oil and a really big salad with lots of greens. 

After a meal Gisele doesn’t deprive herself of a sweet ending.  “Gisele loves raw, dark chocolate, but only eats a little,” Gleyzer reveals.  “She also loves organic apples.”

Gleyzer believes that the secret to Gisele’s diet success is that she consumes so much food. “She’s never hungry and is always energized and fueled-up for whatever she has to do, whether it’s a photo shoot, a day out with her family or a workout session. It’s when people are starving that they tend to indulge in things that aren’t the best for them.”

Read all about how Gisele fine-tunes her famous figure with Nonna Gleyzer.


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