Weight-loss surgery for childhood obesity is controversial, to say the least, but for a 12-year-old girl from Texas, it may have been a life-saving procedure.

Alexis Shapiro become one of the youngest in the U.S. to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The young girl’s weight problem began with surgery in the first place: a brain-tumor removal, which damaged her hypothalamus, leaving her constantly hungry. Shapiro went from weighing 50 pounds to more than 200 following the brain tumor surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery couldn't fix her brain, but it did reduce her stomach to 25 percent of its original size, and so far she's lost more than 50 pounds. Shapiro also does not have to take medication for her type 2 diabetes.

In a Facebook post updating the status of her daughter’s recovery, mother Jenny Shapiro said her daughter still struggles with her energy but manages to walk a half-mile to school every weekday.

We wish her nothing but the best.



ABC News: Always Hungry Girl Gets 'Childhood' Back After Weight Loss Surgery