In some unprecedented news (at least over the past few decades), Americans have decreased the amount of calories they’re consuming on a daily basis, particularly in sugary drinks. But before we start high-fiving, there’s a small hitch in our nation’s newfound dietary achievement. More than half of the calories consumed (despite being lower in number) are from junk food. According to the professor whose research picked up on this trend, the decline in sugary beverage consumption won’t counteract diabetes, obesity and heart disease rates in the U.S. if our level of refined carbohydrate consumption continues. The best way to resist this? Shy away from highly processed pre-packaged meals. Instead, make a meal schedule at the beginning of each week so you’re prepared for dinner each night instead of scrounging around the freezer (or worse, a fast-food drive-thru) for dinner. What are some ways you resist junk food? Tell us in the comments!