Professional surfer and social media star Anastasia Ashley (@anastasiaashley) sat down with us to talk about everything from health and fitness trends, relationships and how she gets camera-ready! 

LivingHealthy: As a popular public figure, it's safe to say that some of your fans lookup to you. Do you think inspiring and enabling your fans to live healthy is important? 

Anastasia Ashley: Yes, my most rewarding part to my job is helping people to be inspired to be active and healthy.  I think it’s important for people to be healthy and feel great about themselves.

LH: You're big on social media.  What are some of the biggest health + fitness trends or accounts that you're following?

Ashley: I love following the model Iza Goulart as she posts great fitness routines, as well as Cosmo always has fun quick recipes and low calorie cocktail mixes to try. 

LH: As someone who is always in front of a camera, what are your biggest habits (or secrets!) that keep you looking camera-ready?

Ashley: I would say always having tinted moisturizer in my bag and some water proof mascara, and no matter what working out everyday even if its just a walk, or doing crunches in hotel room.  Also learning how to accentuate your power points, learning the angels that most flatter your face (and body). I learned how to pose by practicing in a mirror.

LH: What is your living healthy mantra? What internal monologue motivates you to keep yourself working hard to be healthy in mind, body and spirit?

Ashley: I think that everyday is a new day and that you are the only person responsible for your own happiness!

LH: What is the most recent personal achievement or change that you are most proud of? Why?

Ashley: I would say being confident in my self and learning how to relax under stressful situations. I think it’s important having self confidence.

LH: If you could only pick one, what would you say is your best living healthy habit? 

Ashley: My best living healthy habit is definitely being positive and always looking at things with the glass half full motto. I think my biggest motivations have been being positive and pushing myself when I've felt down and making myself work out no matter what! 

LH: Favorite workout or class at the moment?

Ashley: I am loving SoulCycle, I've been a long time fan of spinning forever, but the classes there always seem to be on point with the best workouts and music, and making you feel like your not even working out more like your at a dance club. I really love Pilates also it's my best workout for getting toned super fast.

LH: What relationships have been the most influential in your personal living healthy journey? Parents, coaches, friends, competitors, professional trainers/athletes?

Ashley: I would say my friends as workout partners has been a huge help. I love working out with a friend when you’re not feeling motivated makes it way more excited, and also accountable to make sure you go!


LH: In a world full of dieting fads and very little access to wellness resources, why do you think it's important that people have access to trusted and informative health information and experts?

Ashley: I think its super important as everyone is so busy now with work, family, and friends to help utilize there time when it comes to health and fitness by trusted source. I think its key to get the right information because your health and wellness is your most important to living healthy and being happy!