The increasingly popularity of meal-delivery services should be a boon to busy families yearning to connect, right? Not necessarily, according to The New York Times critic Nick Bilton. He tried a meal-delivery service called Gobble, which packs up ingredients for 'farm-fresh 10-minute gourmet dinners' and sends them to your home.

Bilton found the process joyless, as ingredients were prepared, pre-measured and delivered in plastic tubes and baggies. “As my wife and I sat down for dinner, I wondered aloud if this was more like cooking or ordering takeout. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter,” said the writer.

While letting a startup do your dinner prep may not excite foodies like Bilton, some experts say they provide a helpful stepping stone for families who don’t have supper together or make a habit of takeout. If you (or your family) consume fast food often, meal-delivery services might be a way to improve the quality of your food while maintaining convenience. Have you tried a meal-prep service? What did you think?



New York Times: Meal-Delivery Start-Ups Take Aim at Your Dinner