This may come as a shock, but high-fructose corn syrup may have been getting a bad wrap all along. Not to say it should have a completely soiled reputation (it’s still good to avoid), but it’s not the only sugar culprit. Experts are contending that all products with sugar as a key ingredient (yep, even ‘natural’ sources like honey) are equally questionable since sugar is the same in composition.

“Sugar is sugar when it comes to calories, but it's not the same when your body is metabolizing these different sugars," Shreela Sharma, a registered dietitian and associate professor at the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston, told HealthDay. "To me, these small differences ultimately do end up making a big difference."

The takeaway? Try to avoid anything with added sugar. But since that sounds daunting (and, quite frankly, unrealistic to adhere to 100 percent of the time), we suggest choosing wisely when it comes to your sugar intake. Make the sugar-laced cornflakes a weekend treat versus an everyday breakfast staple. Or cut the honey in your tea from two tablespoons to one. What are some other ways that you keep your ‘sugar smarts’ in check?



HealthDay: Any Added Sugar Is Bad Sugar, Some Experts Contend