When you hear the word ‘cricket,’ do you think of a) chirping, b) a sport, or c) dinner? If you live in the western world, chances are you didn’t answer ‘c.’ But high-protein, high-fiber, low-cost insects are becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in the developed world, with some high-end restaurants making the news for their bug-centric haute cuisine meals. Still, experts say the digust factor is the biggest hurdle to introducing bugs to the mainstream, although they’re sustainable sources of protein. Even in countries such as Thailand where consumption of water beetles are already the norm, there are some forms of insects that are considered inedible—like maggots (although maggot cheese is OK). If you’re ready to try some insect food, start with a palatable snack bar that contains cricket flour. Have you ever tried an insect dish? Where do you stand on the issue? Share your perspective in the comments!