We can’t cover cosmetic treatments properly without paying respect to Beverly Hills dermatologist Arnold Klein, who died on Friday, October 23 of natural causes in Palm Springs, CA. Klein was highly regarded as a pioneer in bridging dermatology and aesthetics, and his friendships with celebrities brought light to his use of science in the pursuit of beauty. He was close with Elizabeth Taylor, who helped him establish the American Foundation for AIDS Research, and Michael Jackson who he treated for the skin pigment disease vitiligo. Klein’s nurse Debbie Rowe gave birth to Jackson’s children Paris and Prince.

While at Allure in the 1990s, we covered Arnie Klein, his practice, his philosophy and his adventurous view of beauty. Before Botox, pre-Restalyne, Klein’s approach was novel and notorious.  He was a founding father of cosmetic dermatology and left a visible legacy in Hollywood and the country. Writer Joan Kron profiled him in one of the first issues. Here’s her obituary of Klein on Allure.com.