If your Facebook feed is anything like my own, it’s been flooded this summer with what I like to call ‘velfies,’ a.k.a. vegetable selfies—people marveling at their bounty of homegrown produce. (OK, full disclosure: I’ve posted my own fair share of smiley faces composed of cukes, habaneros, and Blue Lake beans). Now this trend has extended to outer space, with NASA astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren tweeting photos of the red romaine lettuce they grew aboard the International Space Station. Experts say that—just like on earth—growing and harvesting fresh vegetables will benefit the astronauts not only nutritionally, but also psychologically. There’s a sense of empowerment and mastery that comes from growing your own food. If you want to get in on some of this happiness, it’s not too late, even though summer’s end is near. Plant crops that are used to cooler weather for harvest in fall and winter, such as kale, lettuce, peas, radish, spinach and cucumber. Do you share photos of your own home harvest? Don’t be shy—post links in the comments!