Whether because of social pressure or some issue of biology, rates of anorexia and bulimia have always been higher among women than men. A new eating disorder, though, is more prevalent among men than women, because it originates in the body-building community. It’s not only a case of men eating too little food, but also consuming too many supplements supposedly designed to perfect their physiques.

Consumed in too high concentrations, these supplements can cause permanent liver and kidney damage—not to mention body-image issues. Experts say the key to remaining healthy as a bodybuilder, both mind and body, is to focus on getting calories and nutrients from whole foods as much as possible, rather than packaged ones. And men who worry about distorted body image or perfection obsession should share their concerns with a mental health professional. Have you or anyone you know ever abused supplements? 


HealthDay: Body Builder Supplement Abuse A Growing Concern