Come back-to-school time, parents get their own kind of homework: making healthy lunches, day after day after day. Filling up that box or bag can get as tedious as doing times tables, so any advice is welcome. Enter TV chef Alex Guarnaschelli, who offers a slew of easy, delicious ideas to make your kids part of the lunch-packing process and get them the nutrition they need.

Some examples? Send them off with a cooked turkey patty and all the fixings for a healthy make-your-own burger bar their friends will envy. Turn leftover chicken into a ‘picnic’ lunch with pickles and tomato salad. Or cook dinner together and pre-pack a serving for the next day. What are some of your favorite school lunch ideas? How do you get your kids to eat healthy foods they don’t like? 


ABC News Radio: Back to School Lunch Tips from Celebrity Chef  Alex Guarnaschelli