From $10 to $1,995, these healthy gifts are unique, cool, caring and re-gift-proof. Look for the LivingHealthy special bundled 10%-off Gift Baskets in each of the five healthy gift categories below. Why? Because each LivingHealthy Gift Basket includes a FREE HealthStationTM tray from us!    

There’s joy in gift-giving. And now there’s health in it, too. LivingHealthy is excited to share our first annual Gift Guide chock-full of ideas for your picky friends, omnipresent family and anyone else you know who wants to lead a healthier life. We compiled the list from our editors and experts who know a thing or two about doing just that.      

Jump to one of the five sections below or scroll down and see all the healthy products, deals, savings and ideas we've found for you.    


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