You’ve probably seen signs advertising ‘alkaline water’ in your town's strip malls or over rows of bottles at your local health-food store, but is it worth the extra money?

Proponents such as Miranda Kerr and Mark Wahlberg say yes, arguing that water with a higher pH level (which means it’s less acidic) helps the body reach its optimal pH of 7.4, which in turns helps delay aging and prevent illness.

But many doctors and scientists, including well-known holistic physician Andrew Weil, insist there’s not enough science to support the efficacy of alkaline water. Instead of spending money on specially treated water, Weil suggests eating fewer acid-forming foods (such as animal products and processed foods) and doubling up on alkaline-forming ones (fruits, veggies and whole grains).

Have you tried alkaline water? Do you think it offers help or is it just hype? Sound off in the comments.



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