We can definitely relate to the writer of this piece, who starts each morning with a lengthy to-do list only to find it drastically unaccomplished by 5 p.m. Why is it that when we keep busy throughout the day, some days are so much more productive than others? The reason, according to this writer, is that people often think only about WHAT they want to get done rather than WHEN. That’s where an app called Timeful comes in, which uses an algorithm to help people make better use of their most productive hours.

Typically, the majority of us are most focused between 8 and 10 a.m.—the two-hour window after waking up. Yet this time is often wasted on email, Facebook or activities that feel productive but aren’t (otherwise known as ‘structured procrastination’).

The concept of Timeful is that once you plug in all of your meetings and appointments, the app helps you find open times to take care of your ‘wishlist’ items—such as going to the gym four times a week, giving mom a call or finally organizing your office. Though the writer admits the app doesn’t work perfectly, just seeing the task on the calendar does make it more likely to get done eventually.

Would you be willing to let an algorithm help you better structure your day and to-do lists? And what other productivity tools or tricks work well for you? Give us your suggestions in the comments below.


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