Plenty of us don’t like drinking water. Although it’s really good for us, we’d rather go for sugary beverages, which are unhealthy when consumed in large amounts. There’s been plenty of PSAs trying to convince people to consume more H20, but two-thirds of Americans still don’t drink it.

So how do we encourage more water consumption? Carbonated water may be the solution. While there are some who claim that it is not good for us, research shows that it could actually have more benefits than drinking regular water.

Carbonated water is basically fizzy water, containing a small amount of weak, carbonic acid. It’s made by adding pressurised carbon dioxide, and tastes just like a Coca Cola would.

There are claims that carbonated water is actually bad for you as the acid could prove to be corrosive to body parts such as our teeth. While you may get indigestion and hiccups from gulping it down, carbonated water isn’t that harmful at all.

In one study, researchers found that carbonated water helped people who suffered from regular dyspepsia, or indigestion. Compared to people who drank regular tap water, those drinking carbonated water showed a vast improvement over a period of fifteen days. However, you need to drink it sparingly to enjoy the health benefits.

The study also discovered that carbonated water helps with breaking down fiber. As a result, drinking it while also consuming fiber can help those who suffer from constipation. This makes it a reliable treatment for those who would like to be regular.

However, what’s of most interest is in how carbonated water actually makes you drink more water. A study found that it was capable of stimulating nerves that facilitate swallowing. In other words, your body actually prefers it over regular water, which is why it’s swallowed easily. What’s more, another study found that carbonated water was good with clearing your throat. So just before and during a speech, it’s always a good idea to have a bottle handy.

And for those who would like to reduce how much they eat, or want to hold off until supper, carbonated water can actually make you feel fuller than normal water. This makes it a great addition to weight loss diet, as it allows you to reduce your cravings.

So in all honesty, carbonated water may be what you need to start drinking water regularly. It has the same mineral benefits that come with drinking regular water, and actually makes you want to drink more of it. Carbonated water can also help with constipation, reducing cravings, relieving indigestion and more. This makes it the perfect alternative, and adding healthy fruits such as berries and apples can make it taste delicious and provide a more potent punch.



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