Is hypnobirth the new water birth? Hypnobirth teaches women visualization strategies, self-hypnosis and deep breathing and relaxation techniques to help decrease pain and discomfort during labor. And according to midwives, hypnobirth classes are increasing in popularity, particularly in the United Kingdom. The studies—though done on a small scale—seem to corroborate the trend’s effectiveness thus far. According to one Australian study, women who implemented self-hypnosis methods during birth reported fewer epidurals (36% versus 53% in the control group) as well as less dependence on other forms of pain relief. As with any childbirth class, it’s important to seek out instructors who are accredited and trained, but if hypnobirth is helping women feel more empowered by the process and less encumbered by labor pain, it certainly might be worth trying. Have you or anyone you know tried hypnobirth? Share your experience in the comments!