Enduring too many sleepless nights? Stop lying in bed trying to fight it. According to proponents behind ‘sleep restriction therapy,’ deliberately depriving yourself of sleep may be the best treatment for insomniacs. As one insomniac who’s tested the theory can attest, when you determine how much you typically sleep each night (let’s say it’s five hours) and train yourself not to go to bed until five hours before your rising time, you’ll start sleeping ‘remarkably deeply’ since you’ll be genuinely tired by the time you allow yourself to rest. This will gradually help you extend your ‘sleep window’ until you’re eventually back to a normal schedule. For anyone with insomnia, it sounds like you don’t have much to lose trying this method, especially considering the amount of reading you could catch up on with the extra hours of not laying in bed. Have you heard of this therapy or tried it yourself? Sound off in the comments!