A new beauty essential oil crops up. 

Yes, we know...carrots are good for you. They’re chock full of vitamin A, which is vital for maintaining eye health. But, surprise! It turns out that essential oils extracted from this root vegetable’s seeds can also soothe, nourish, and protect your complexion. “Carrot seed oil is rich in antioxidants, and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties,” says Francesca Fusco, MD, a dermatologist in New York.

Both carrots and their seeds contain high concentrations of carotenoids: Pigment molecules that have strong antioxidant properties and convert to vitamin A in the body. “Carotenoids help mop up free radicals and slow down damage to the skin from UV rays and other environmental aggressors,” explains Naturopathica founder Barbara Close, whose popular Carrot Seed Soothing Facial Oil “is easily absorbed into skin and imparts a subtle glow,” she adds.

Close isn’t the only one harnessing carrot seed oil’s complexion-friendly benefits. Yes to Carrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser, Pratima Rosacea Essential Oil, African Botanics Résurrection Eye Crème, and Sonya Dakar for Goop Hoya Eye Treatment all use carrot seed oil calm skin, boost collagen production, and even reduce wrinkles.

While new to most of us, carrot seed oil—not to be confused with the cold-pressed carrot oil used in cooking—was renowned in ancient Greece and India for its healing properties. It’s about time we caught on. 


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