The Susan G. Komen Foundation estimates a total of 231,840 new breast cancer cases in 2015, with 40,290 resulting in deaths this year—among U.S. women alone. Although these statistics are startling, hope lies in the fact that the five-year survival rate of early-stage breast cancer is 99 percent, which makes raising awareness, furthering research and proactively seeking testing absolutely crucial.

Over the years, several celebrities and public figures including Angelina Jolie, Christina Applegate and Nancy Reagan have publicized their struggles with breast cancer, helping to educate and inspire everyone around the world to engage in regular mammograms and other more advanced testing methods. As a result, they have not only drawn attention to breast cancer, but also raised millions of dollars and saved thousands of lives. LivingHealthy is honoring some of these stars by sharing their stories for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 



Susan G. Komen Foundation