Not every supermodel can eat whatever she wants. Sims’ new book The Everyday Supermodel reveals her real diet.

Molly SimsSport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition body has been showcased everywhere from magazine spreads and billboards to fashion week runways and television. In her new book, The Everyday Supermodel, Sims comes clean about her lifelong struggle to stay thin (even without inheriting “skinny genes”) and why she had to make peace with food in order to maintain her million-dollar bod.

The 41 year-old confesses that she struggled with an eating disorder most of her life, facing the pressure to stay stick-thin with laxatives, Dieter’s Tea, enemas, cigarettes, and starvation diets. Then, a few months before her wedding, when she was “heavier (and happier!)” than she had been in a long time, Sims met New York-based nutritionist Rebecca Baer, RD, CDN, to try to mend her relationship with food. Baer introduced Sims to a fiber-focused diet, which was the start of her food relationship transformation. 

“When I first met Molly, she was eating about a box a day of Soy Crisps and Nut-Thins, thinking these were healthy snack foods,” Baer explains in the book. “Her diet consisted mainly of fats and proteins—with barely any whole grains, fruits, or vegetables.” Baer also adds, “Molly was relying on caffeine from coffee and diet soda to help her go to the bathroom. And like many women who have spent years doing different diets, she no longer had much of a grasp on what she should be eating.”

High-fiber carbohydrates differ from regular carbs, because fiber cannot be broken down into sugar (which fuels the body, but the unburned glucose is stored and eventually turns into fat) and moves through the body undigested. Benefits of a high-fiber diet can include weight loss, feeling fuller faster, increased regularity, lower cholesterol, and keeping blood pressure in check. 

Baer’s plan, which helped Sims drop 15 pounds before her wedding day and get back in shape after giving birth to her first son, consists of 6 mantras for success: 

  1. Eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day consisting of high-fiber carbs and lean protein.
  2. Eat more fiber (30-40 grams a day), which can be anything from fruits and veggies to whole grains and beans.
  3. Keep a diet diary.
  4. Eat lean protein like chicken breast, quinoa and beans, lean beef, and low-cholesterol seafood in order to build muscle.
  5. Drink lots of water.
  6. Work out regularly.

More information on Molly Sims’ fiber-focused diet can be found in The Everyday Supermodel, which also features recipes, workouts, and fashion and beauty tips. 

Video produced by Nan Forte, LivingHealthy NewsGym.