The battle of the diets is always on in Hollywood.


The Zone got Jennifer Aniston her famous figure by a balance of low-fat protein mixed with fruits and veggies, while Paleo, encouraging carnivorous caveman eating habits, slimmed Jessica Biel, Megan Fox and Matthew McConaughey down. But now Marco Borges’ 22 Days plan is challenging Hollywood’s meaty diet plans, highlighted by Beyonce and J.Lo’s rapid weight loss due trading in animal products for a plant-based diet.  Does this mean that meat is making its way onto Hollywood’s diet blacklist? 

"I do think meat is on its’ way out for both health and environmental reasons, and not just in Hollywood,” Borges explains to us about the dietary shift.  “I encourage everyone to do whatever feels best for them, but truly believe the closer people get to a completely plant-based diet, the greater the benefits they will experience.”

For Anne Hathaway, who famously ditched animal products to squeeze into her Catwoman suit in 2012, that was reintroducing meat to her diet in 2014. “I just didn’t feel good or healthy…not strong,” Hathaway explained to Harper’s Bazaar about abandoning veganism, admitting she “just felt better,” after eating a piece of fish.

Larry Kaskel, MD, who is current medical Director of Northwestern Wellness Center, isn’t surprised that stars like Hathaway, Ginnifer Goodwin and Angelina Jolie (who told reporters in 2010 that being vegan nearly “killed” her) have trouble sustaining a vegan diet longterm.  He says that meat is not the enemy.

“If your goal is sustainability, meat should be part of your lifestyle.  Any diet will do what it will do in terms of temporary weight loss, but is it sustainable? It’s very hard to eat vegetables forever,” he explains. “We should be eating how our ancestors ate. We are omnivores by nature. We have the mouth, teeth and digestive systems to eat meat, and I believe it is an excellent source of protein and energy.”    

 Kaskel also points out that veganism does not usually translate to weight loss, and that replacing animal products with carbohydrates can in fact, be dangerous.

“Most vegans that I have worked with have a hard time losing weight because of the high carbohydrate load they have to consume to feel energized. Contrary to what most people think, the human body doesn’t need carbohydrates to function.  Many vegans ultimately become diabetic because of veganism,” says Kaskel.

However, he doesn’t recommend just any meat at the grocery store.

“Splurge on grass-fed beef over grain-fed. It offers much better health benefits and is better for cellular function because it gives us the proper benefits of fat. You are what your cow eats.”


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