Fancy yourself an armchair diagnostician, or a backseat radiologist? Fans of the TV show ‘House’ or the ‘New York Times’ column ‘Think Like a Doctor’ will delight in ‘Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole,' a new memoir by Boston neurologist Allan H. Ropper. In the grand tradition of neurologist Oliver Sacks, Dr. Ropper presents his most memorable and mysterious cases from the neurology inpatient ward at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, inviting the reader into a rarefied yet bizarre subculture. So instead of surfing the internet to find your malady-of-the-day, read a book written by an actual doctor. You’re much better off satisfying your medical curiosities this way than by falling down the Ask-Dr.-Google wormhole, which has been shown in numerous studies to encourage hypochondria and offer incorrect diagnoses. What are some of your favorite doctor-penned books? Share your recommendations in the comments.