Award season may be over on the west coast, but on April 25 Hollywood’s biggest stars will rub shoulders with the most powerful men and woman in politics. The annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, or what locals have affectionately come to call the Nerd Prom, bellows a different dress code than that of the Oscars. But even with longer hemlines and looser material, everyone still wants to look their very best.

Renowned nutritionist and LivingHealthy Expert Ashley Koff, RD—whose celebrity client list has included Molly Sims, Emily Deschanel, KaDee Strickland and Elisabeth Hasselbeck—relocated to DC from L.A. less than 2 years ago to be more involved in food policy issues. And now, after realizing the White House Correspondents’ Dinner is essentially the Academy Awards of politics (honoring members of the media with a weekend of parties and pictures), she’s devised a red carpet cleanse for her DC clients whose goal of looking great isn’t exactly a full-time job.

"My DC gal pals (Steph Carter and Suzy Jacobs) and several clients [no name leaks here!] asked me for 'red carpet ready' ideas but with one catch—they have to still show up for work that week (for several that means running our nation) so I had to put a DC spin on my L.A. event prep recommendations,” Koff explains to LivingHealthy about her #NerdPromPrep. 

JRINK juices, Infrared saunas and SoulCycle classes are definitely part of Koff’s plan, but so is eating actual food. Meals consist of one carbohydrate, protein and fat serving, plus unlimited non-starchy vegetables, and should be consumed approximately every 3 hours starting within 45 minutes of waking up. Refined flour products are to be avoided, as well as any added salt, sugars and artificial sweeteners. She also recommends drinking plenty of water and taking a quality probiotic once daily upon waking and a magnesium citrate supplement after dinner.

Though Koff’s cleanse may not bring you down several dress sizes in one week, it will still get you looking and feeling your very best.

"Too often clients take to dramatic efforts before a big event and the results aren't favorable. This cleanse will help you trim down and reduce belly bloat, but also enable better energy so you truly look and feel great through this super social DC weekend," she concludes. Now, we just have to work on snagging an invitation to the White House...

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