To say it’s hard to eat healthy at a music festival would be an understatement—it’s nearly impossible. Rocking out to bands and trolling the grounds provides for a day full of cardio, making that $8 chili dog seem well merited. Coupled with the fact that fried and processed foods are the only options on the premise anyway, there aren’t any excuses not to go for it. Besides, you have to eat to survive until the next headliner.

Enter: Coachella. Coachella is known for EDM, up-and-coming bands and Navajo fashion statements, but all the hype is overshadowing something that is truly special—a food evolution. Founded in 1999, Coachella started off by serving the typical festival foods, but since 2014, the festival has upped the ante by bringing in organic, vegan and farm-to-table options for ravished festivalgoers. This year, Coachella even sourced vendors straight from the Beverly Hills restaurant scene.

And don’t get us wrong, churros are still alive and well, but now you have an excuse to try and eat healthy (sorry, but not sorry). This LivingHealthy slideshow proves that when it comes to the slow-food movement, festivals are no (and should be no) exception. After all, eating healthy will sustain you longer so you can rock your face off.