For those experiencing colon cancer, coffee might be much more than a simple pick-me-up. Results of a new study show drinking four or more cups of coffee a day may decrease the risk of reoccurring tumors and death from colon cancer by as much as 52%. Those who drank less coffee (about two to three cups) also decreased their risk, though the benefits weren’t as substantial as they were for those downing more. Researchers believe the caffeine in coffee may be what’s blocking colon cancer tumor regrowth since decaffeinated coffee didn’t yield the same results. So does that mean colon cancer patients who are non-coffee drinkers need to rethink their morning beverage? Not necessarily. While regular coffee drinkers should continue, researchers don’t recommend that non-drinkers take up the habit. Instead, focus on other health habits, such as maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding sugar. Does this news give you a new outlook on caffeinated coffee? Tell us in the comments!