Fun fact: There are about 1 trillion microbes (single-cell organisms) living in our gut. And among those, there may be one in particular that affects how our body processes food and gains or loses weight. According to new research, the microbe known as akkermansia muciniphila is being linked to lowering blood sugar, insulin and fat, which can stave off obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It’s also possible that the microbe facilitates the production of other ‘good bacteria’ in the body that fends off germs and improves digestion. Researchers believe the key to having a strong presence of the microbe is directly associated with maintaining a fiber-rich diet. We suggest upping your fiber intake to give that microbe a fighting chance with foods like split peas, lentils, black beans, artichokes and raspberries. What are some of your favorite high-fiber meals? Sound off in the comments!