For those who fall in the ‘I’ve tried everything’ camp and yet their back pain still persists, it might be worth asking the doctor if the problem could be something other than a slipped disk. Researchers say that those whose back pain doesn’t improve with treatment could have a type of spine infection called vertebral osteomyelitis. Since the infection is considered rare (affecting two to six out of 100,000 people each year), it’s often overlooked as one of the causes of back pain but could lead to paralysis or death if not diagnosed and treated. If you are concerned that you may have vertebral osteomyelitis, there is some hope; a blood test followed by an MRI can uncover the infection and treatment typically involves about six weeks of intravenous antibiotics, unless surgery is required. If you suffer from chronic back pain, were you aware that this infection existed? And what remedies have you found to be most effective at alleviating pain? Sound off in the comments!