I always love Martha Rose Schulman's simple recipes combining a few great ingredients for a healthy meal. This smoothie recipe is a perfect example–and great motivation to do what I've been meaning to do for awhile now: Make my own almond milk. Schulman prefers the homemade for taste, but there's a health benefit. Most every type of store-bought almond milk I encounter contains carageenan, an ingredient derived from seaweed that has been shown to cause inflammation. Additionally, the site of Andrew Weil, MD, DrWeil.com, mentions a study that linked the ingredient to pre-diabetic conditions. And the use of dates further sweetens the deal (pun intended), which I also want to use more often since they are high in fiber but a lower-calorie and carb alternative to honey, which I usually put in my smoothies. The only addition I might make is adding some raw cacao nibs. Have you made your own almond milk? Any tips or tricks? Tell us in the comments below.