From Paleo-addicts to Zone-enthusiasts, being gung-ho about our diets may not be serving our weight-loss goals. Researchers have found that those who subscribed to a diet-of-choice had less effective results than those assigned to a diet. The reason? We’re more inclined to choose diets with foods we like, and therefore, we tend to eat more of them. However, it should be noted that the weight loss differential wasn’t huge. Over the course of 48 weeks, the study’s diet-of-choice group lost an average of 12.6 pounds while the assigned dieters lost 14.8. Still, say researchers, if speedy weight loss is your objective, you may be better off choosing a diet that forces you to incorporate new foods into your rotation. Or, we encourage consulting with a physician for the diet most suitable for your metabolic or genetic profile. Have you had success with an ‘assigned’ diet? Tell us in the comments!